Friday Changes

Friday Programming Changes

Starting this coming Friday we’ll be switching up the format of our two flagship shows just a bit to improve the transition between the two. SNTR Presents and Rageless Roundtable are sister shows that share a great deal of content. We’ve decided that the best way to deliver this on Fridays is not to introduce a new topic on SNTR Presents on Fridays but to shorten the show into a recap of the week and prep for Rageless Roundtable. (barring events or breaking news of course). This should allow for an easy way to catch up on anything you have missed through the week and see if the topics on the Rageless Roundtable is something you’re invested in enough to watch.

These changes also free us up to address another issue we have been trying to improve. See below:

Fight Night Changes

In an effort to expand and improve the experience and ability to participate in Fight Night we have revamped it into the Friday Frickfest! Hopefully, this change with an expanded rotation of games and game modes will allow the opportunity for more people to take part in a fun way to end the week with the community.


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