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New World Boar Farm is Dead, Why?

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New World Boar Farm is Dead, Why?

The New World leveling problems continue to drive players in the late game to find the best and most efficient xp farms. Sometimes this leads players to do things like farm a quickly spawning boss, or head to a town where the boar spawn incredibly fast. Even if the payout isn’t amazing, it’s easy and fast for people to do, and quickly becomes very popular as word spreads. Let’s talk about why xp exploits aren’t good, why devs care, and how New World is different.

  • XP Exploits aren’t good
    • First and foremost, xp exploits are not good for players to engage with because they are not as the game was designed to be enjoyed, it creates a contempt and burnout level quicker
    • Second, this typically means that the leveling in the game is either not enjoyable or not created in a way that incentivizes folks to play naturally
    • Lastly, players need to be protected from themselves and even more, players need to be protected form other players, and this type of XP exploit disrupts the player power economy on every server it happens on
  • Why Devs Care
    • Amazon has a vested interest in making sure players do not get burned out or find leveling routes that break their game because it’s tied to two things
    • First, it’s tied to potential money they could make from xp boost as well as future content that players may not buy if they burned themselves out hacking up boar
    • Second, they created a game that they marketed to PVP players, and this type of exploitation is tied to balance, player enjoyment, and longevity
  • How New World is Different
    • The ongoing and present end game focus is territory control, PVP, and 50v50 wars, and leveling exploits play a huge role in player perception and experience
    • Players putting in half the time but getting to max level because they found shortcuts, isn’t going to sit well with the community, even if they can’t prove it, it’s obvious that most max level 60 players didn’t get their without exploits
    • This means losing is tainted with a sense of “yeah well, they basically cheated”. At this problem to the reporting exploits to get people banned, and the territory fights and wears might become the wrong kind of sore spot in the game.

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