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Resident Evil 8 Reviews, Apex Legends Legacy, Returnal Patch Removed

Resident Evil 8 Reviews, Apex Legends Legacy, Returnal Patch Removed

Resident Evil Village reviews are already pouring in. We will be looking at the Resident Evil 8 review roundup that has already been compiled. Think of this as a great Resident Evil 8 before you buy segment.

Apex Legends Legacy launch trailer got everyone so excited to play, that this week has been crazy for the game. Apex Legends Arena Mode is receiving high praise, and the player counts are looking very impressive. Apex Legends Valkyrie was also baked into the new season.

Returnal gameplay has already received its first patch, but it was quickly removed. What did this Returnal patch intend to do for the game and why was it pulled down so fast?

Resident Evil 8 Review Roundup

GameInformer… “Resident Evil Village is an impressive package…Village expands on Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’s approach to first-person combat, offering a series of white-knuckle encounters that perfectly complement Capcom’s unnerving environmental design. Thankfully, Village’s amplified action doesn’t diminish its horror. If anything, Village maintains a sense of dread that few games can match. If you have the intestinal fortitude for intense terror, playing Resident Evil Village is a great way to check your pulse.” Score: 9.25/10

IGN… “Roaming the streets of Resident Evil Village is like visiting a disturbing and deadly Disneyland, where every attraction is a house of horrors… The fact that it’s very much a throwback to the fast-paced action of Resident Evil 4 also means it largely takes a step back from the slow-burn scares of Resident Evil 7’s excellent opening hours, which may well disappoint those who prefer more psychological dread to blowing off heads. But if you have an itch for action-heavy survival-horror, then Resident Evil Village will scratch it like a fistfull of Lady Dimitrescu’s freakish fingernails.” Score: 8/10

PushSquare… “While the Resident Evil series has been on a high for a number of years now, Resident Evil Village sets an entirely new standard… Does it better Resident Evil 4? Maybe not, but it’s close. Real close. Resident Evil Village is an essential playthrough for anyone with even a passing interest in the franchise.” Score: 9/10

Apex Legends Smashing Records

PC Gamer reports… Apex Legends is having a big week. With the launch of Season 9, a new legend and a new 3v3 Arenas mode, so many players tried to jump in yesterday that the servers couldn’t handle the strain. While Apex’s servers are still having intermittent issues, that hasn’t stopped the game from blowing past its player record on Steam, likely making this Apex Legends’ most successful week ever.

Apex Legends first launched on Steam in November 2020 and typically held steady around 100,000 concurrent players. That’s a healthy playerbase, though small compared to Steam’s heaviest hitters like PUBG and CS:GO, which often had more than 400,000 and 900,000 players, respectively, according to SteamDB. But Apex is on the rise: on Wednesday it set a record for its all-time peak players with 313,839. That concurrent count would likely be higher if it weren’t for the ongoing server issues, which are making the numbers a bit erratic.

Returnal Patch Pulled

Reported by Polygon… A new Returnal patch launched on Wednesday afternoon and was pulled two hours later after players encountered a game-breaking error with save files. Developer Housemarque apologized to players on Twitter, noting that a new patch would be available “in a few hours.” The studio reverted the game back to version 1.3.1 — but anyone who has been affected by the game-breaking save error in Returnal’s original Wednesday update, patch 1.3.3, will have to “re-download the game,” Housemarque said.

Multiple players have reported losing save files due to the bug. This is a major problem, because Returnal doesn’t allow midrun saving — meaning that a problem or crash in the middle of a multiple-hour run could result in losing large chunks of progress. Wednesday’s patch wasn’t going to add a save system, but was intended to fix some of the issues that led to crashes and lost progress. However, it seemed to have made this worse for plenty of players.

In tweet replies, Housemarque is asking players not to boot up the game “before the upcoming patch is available and downloaded,” in case they were unknowingly affected by the update. On Tuesday, Housemarque encouraged players to turn off the PlayStation 5’s auto-update feature in anticipation of the new patch — if the update started midrun, it would cause players to lose progress.

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