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Returnal Too Hard, Apex Legends Valkyrie, More Game Delays

Returnal Too Hard, Apex Legends Valkyrie, More Game Delays

Returnal gameplay is already getting reviewed as being too hard. I will be checking out Returnal PS5 Gameplay on SNTR Gaming. My Returnal review will likely center around the difficulty and the rogue elements. I have heard that every Returnal boss fight is tough, but at least saves if you beat them. But is it too hard?

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Returnal is too hard?

WashingtonPost reported… I can’t call this a review. I didn’t get very far in “Returnal,” and it’s not for lack of trying. The game is tough for me — and I play “Dark Souls” to relax.

It’s good that “Returnal,” a PlayStation 5 exclusive, is tough. That means it follows the rubric of the famously punishing rogue-lite genre, which asks players to start over from the beginning with modest improvements to their core abilities, sprinkled with an assortment of temporary buffs and features that last until your next failure. Rest assured, my failures came often and fast. I only made it to the second area of the game in time for the review period, so I won’t be scoring this game. Still, I’ve found there’s still plenty to talk about, and there’s plenty to like, as long as you know what you’re looking for.

“Returnal” is worth checking out if you absolutely adore gothic horror or biomechanical science fiction, a la “Alien” and “Annihilation,” a surprisingly rare aesthetic in the medium. From what I’ve seen of “Returnal” so far, it’s not afraid of painting its world in a sinister black, or splashing it in bold red and orange hues.

Apex Legends Valkyrie

Reported by DotEsports… And that inspiration definitely shows in Valk’s abilities. She uses part of her father’s Titan to shoot missiles and own the skies, gaining excellent vantage points and intel on opposing squads.

Selling that concept to fans shouldn’t be difficult, especially with “jetpacks” being the perfect “single-word elevator pitch,” according to Klein. The tougher part of Valk’s kit was making it fair to play against a flying menace that hails missiles down at you from the skies. And, just like any legend in development, her early iterations tested those boundaries.

Aside from slowing down her travel speed, Respawn added a few balancing limitations to make sure playing against Valkyrie feels fair. The new legend can’t use guns or grenades while her jetpack is active, for example. Instead, players will have to toggle the VTOL Jets off and wait for a brief delay before whipping a weapon out (though you can use your tactical while jetpacking).

Valk’s early design also made her jetpack a tactical ability, something that the devs thought would be a “natural way” to limit its power, according to lead game designer Carlos Pineda. But using all of her abilities in concert didn’t quite work right. Making the jetpack a passive allows players to deliver more fluid combinations.

More Game Delays

Reported by PC Gamer… In the 2020 edition of the Game Developers Conference annual survey, 33 percent of developers said that they’d experienced a game delay due to the early months of the [SICKY] and the shift to working from home. The hits kept coming throughout the year, affecting big games like Halo Infinite and Far Cry 6. Even the rigorously on-time Final Fantasy 14 had to push back an update. So it’s not too surprising that this year’s GDC survey of more than 3,000 game developers shows that nearly half have now experienced a [SICKY] delay.

In 2021, 44 percent of respondents said their game has been delayed due to [SICKY], citing a variety of reasons. Some developers mentioned the complications of dealing with kids and work-life balance while working from home. Others mentioned working remotely has made it harder to collaborate. “[SICKY] basically disrupted our communications and work rhythm,” wrote one developer.

Despite the delays, 66 percent of developers say their productivity has improved or stayed the same, versus 32 percent who said it has somewhat or greatly decreased. Some appreciated the solitude or time-saving of not having to commute.

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