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Apex, COD Cheaters & Outriders Kicking

Apex, COD Cheaters & Outriders Kicking

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Apex Legends’ new Arenas mode

Reported by Polygon… Apex Legends is already one of the most popular battle royale games, but its new mode proves it can be a whole lot more than that. On Monday, developer Respawn Entertainment revealed Arenas, the first permanent Apex Legends mode to move outside the battle royale format.

Arenas takes all of the characters, weapons, and fantastic shooting mechanics from Apex Legends fans are used to and fits them into a package that feels a little bit like a tactical shooter. The mode pits two teams of three against each other in a round-based competition. The only way to win a round is to kill every member of the opposing team. Arenas matches take place on specifically designed maps, including a few that repurpose some of Apex Legends’ most popular locations.

At the beginning of each match, every player selects a Legend to play as, just like you normally do before a battle royale match. Each round begins with a buy phase — similar to what you might find in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Valorant — during which you can use credits to purchase weapons, upgrades, healing items, and your Legend’s abilities.

Unlike other tactical shooters, your inventory gets wiped after each round, so teams don’t get massive advantages from round to round. Each of the individual rounds also has a slowly encroaching circle, just like Apex Legends’ battle royale mode, which acts as a time limit for the round.

"No One Hates The Cheaters More Than We Do"

Reported by TheGamer… Raven Software creative director Amos Hodge has opened up about the impact of Warzone cheaters on the developers saying, “No-one hates the cheaters more than we do”.

The topic came up during an interview with VGC about the game’s recent update to Season 3 and all of the changes that have come because of it. Towards the end of the interview, Amos is asked about the state of cheating in Warzone and has some strong words about the subject.

Amos said, “what I will say is that we have reporting tools, we ban a ton of people and no one hates the cheaters more than we do. We make this content for the players and while you’re upset that it ruined your game, I’m upset that it’s ruining some of the best work that I’ve done in my life”.

Players can take some small comfort in knowing that no matter how annoyed they find themselves getting at cheaters in Warzone, it impacts the developers a lot more. Amos went on to say, “I made this content for players and I know that everyone around the team feels that way. We put our hearts into this content, we have 100 million players, it’s been out a year, this is a huge stage and some of the best work we’ve ever done, and to have cheaters come in and ruin the game bothers us more than anyone”.

It’s pretty unlikely that cheating will be removed from Warzone altogether, as it’s pretty much a staple of any online game that some people out there will try and cheat when they can. Amos promises that the security team are, ” continually going to make updates”.

Warzone recently saw its map completely transformed in a nuke event that had players turning into zombies to welcome in Season 3. Sad news for Verdansk fans though, as Raven has also announced that the original map will never be returning to Warzone. In happier news, Warzone also managed to reach 100 million players, which it has done alongside Apex Legends.

Outriders Players Are Kicking Party Members

Reported by ScreenRant… Multiplayer RPG Outriders is in the news for outrage yet again, this time from players who are getting kicked from expeditions right before receiving their rewards. The game is the latest looter from publisher Square Enix, following the disastrous launch of Marvel’s The Avengers. Outriders released on April Fool’s Day 2021, and the game has since been under constant criticism for numerous bugs, glitches, and design flaws.

Since the game’s launch earlier this month, the game has seen everything from long-running server issues to players getting their inventories wiped. It’s a frustrating experience for players who have purchased the full-price game at launch and still haven’t been able to enjoy much of it, even as many fans praise the gameplay itself. Developer People Can Fly has been struggling to play catch-up while issues with the game have been piling up from all directions, and it appears that the list of problems just keeps getting bigger.

The latest development for Outriders involves an outbreak of griefing in high-level gameplay that’s ruining the experience for many players who party up with strangers. In Outriders’ case, this griefing comes in the form of taking people’s hard-earned loot away from them, as reported by Eurogamer. Players are partying up with strangers to take on expeditions, an end-game activity the game provides for earning powerful loot, but an oversight in the system allows for the host of these parties to kick players out at the very end of the expedition before they can claim that loot. This means that players are doing all of the hard work of the expedition and getting nothing in return, creating a serious problem in the community.

This event marks yet another stain on the reputation of Outriders and its publisher Square Enix. While not as bad as the troubles the game went through at launch, the series of mistakes and oversights is creating a chain reaction within the community, causing people to put it down or going to the store to refund the game entirely. The developers have promised apology packages to fans who stick with the game through this troubling launch, but unless they can stay on top of issues like this there might not be anyone left to receive them.

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