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Aliens Fireteam Game Looks Promising

Aliens Fireteam Game Looks Promising

The release of the Aliens Fireteam gameplay trailer caused quite a stir in the gaming community. Not only is the Aliens franchise a long-standing and beloved movie series, but it also has a unique history within the gaming world. While many praise Alien Isolation for what it brought to the table, countless titles are long forgotten for both mobile and old consoles. Most notably was Aliens Colonial Marines, a completely botched game that landed Gearbox in a class action lawsuit where they were ultimately absolved of blame for how bad the game turned out. So will this game finally deliver the adrenaline-fast-paced action required for an Aliens game?

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What's the gameplay look like

First, it is always a three man fireteam where you can opt to play with AI bots on your team, but it is strongly encouraged to play with other players. Many draw comparisons to Left 4 Dead, but the developers say the similarities quickly stop and the game has a lot of different aspects and mechanics.

There are different classes to help the team through the missions, technician, demolisher, and gunner, which all feature unique abilities that exist on a cooldown. This is done to give each class a unique role to play through the combat. You can customize and change things as you level up the class.

The gameplay starts out slow and exploratory and they have expanded the types of aliens that you will face beyond just xenomorphs to keep variety and gameplay more diverse than just the classic xenomorphs swarming you.

The Challenge

The challenge for any aliens game is truly capturing the feel of fast action and truly threatening xenomorphs coming from all angles. If the combat is too fast or frivolous it won’t be memorable, and if the combat is too challenging and punishing, the fun factor will quickly fall.

Aliens Fireteam offers a spectrum of difficulty options for those that feel Normal is not pressing enough, and things like friendly fire will be added as you ramp up the difficulty for your team. The threat starts to ramp up when holding a position and synergizing with your team takes center stage.

The dynamics in the combat seem varied enough to keep things interesting with fast paced runners, spitters, and swarms of aliens and then bigger, stronger, and slower aliens show up that punish you if you don’t work together quickly as a team. The horde mode feeling worked well from what I saw.

Length and Replayability

12 different missions are arranged in 4 different campaigns that take you to a variety of locations. It is all story-driven and tied together into one story, and the location differences bring a host of different enemy types as well as environments.

Campaigns are longer than an hour in length each (no specific time was given), and the real depth comes from leveling up your classes, weapons, and modifying the things that you have to create different builds to go after the higher level of difficulties.

A Challenge Card system is also there to mutate the missions and gameplay while also giving you more gear, XP, and cosmetics, and attachments. Mission flow ultimately rises and falls on intense climactic moments of holding your ground after setting up defenses and using your team’s abilities. It feels like an honest and accurate Aliens experience where you and your team get out what you put into the game.

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