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Biomutant Crazy Customization

Biomutant Crazy Customization

Biomutant is one of the most anticipated games of this year due to its unique look, action adventure appeal, and the fact that next-gen consoles are dying for new titles in this gaming drought. Biomutant gameplay looks fun and creative, and customization will play a big part in your experience. Biomutant character creation, open world, RPG elements, and crazy customization options look to offer a lot for players to sink their teeth into. And according to PC Gamer… stat tinkerers are going to love it. Biomutant is an upcoming action role-playing game developed by Swedish developer Experiment 101 and published by THQ Nordic. The game will be released on May 25, 2021 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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According to PC Gamer… “your stats determine what your character looks like. Spec out a tough guy and your mutant will have adorable tiny-big shoulders. And as you play and change those stats, so too will your little guy. To ensure no two mutants look exactly alike, you can also reseed your DNA strands, which apparently change to what degree stats affect your physiology, some subtle tweaking of the levers and pulleys that inflate your furry little role-playing animal balloon.”

This is probably one of the more charming and surprising aspects of the game. Being able to not just have control over our appearance, but having it directly tied to stats is a great way to transplant a players decisions directly into the game.


More from PC Gamer… You can make dozens of variations of a hammer or club—whatever you’d categorize a safe door as—with handles ranging from a carrot, to a phone, to a walking stick. Each component comes with stats, too, associated with whatever material they’re made of—sometimes very loosely associated. I suppose metal is frigid to the touch, and that’s enough to imbue this thing with some freezing damage.

Guns are volatile little Lego sets you build out between six component slots, including scopes, magazines, barrels, stocks, and so on. It all sounds lovely, and I’m big on the idea of building out weapons with odd behaviors, looks, and stats, but we still don’t know the breadth here. That near infinite variation is enticing

What does this mean?

Customization in a game like this can shake down into a few ways. Sometimes, too much customization, freedom, and power, can trivialize a game and make it seem more like an explosion or combat simulator, more than an action adventure RPG where decisions and choices matter.

From how PC Gamer described the combat as “a combination of combo-based melee combat and gun peppering with some pretty basic elemental strengths and weaknesses layered in” I’m hoping there is difficulty options, or at the very least, challenging fights and bosses.

A good example of a game with tons of freedom, customization, and hi-jinx would be Just Cause. While the idea and concept is incredibly fun, it can lose its luster very quickly. Hopefully Biomutant can deliver on the depth because customization without depth can feel shallow and uninteresting very quickly. The combat trailer does show some big bosses, so here’s hoping.

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