Days Gone PC Before You Buy

Days Gone has finally landed on PC as another PlayStation exclusive game to bridge the gap between the platforms. Understandably after the Horizon Zero Dawn port, many were concerned about stability and quality. Recently I covered the news that Days Gone on PC would not feature a lot of bells and whistles and extra graphical features, and essentially I argued that players should welcome that in the favor of a solid port. A day before Days Gone landed on PC we also covered the Sony Steam Store front and how that means there could possibly be a lot more planned PlayStation ports to PC. So how does the port hold up? And will this be enough to help cause a resurgence for a Days Gone sequel launch? Recently the Days Gone 2 pitch was rejected and fans took to the internet to sign a petition that has over 110,000 signatures. This port could be an opportunity to reemphasize why this game might need another chance to expand the franchise.