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Days Gone Sequel Petition 80K Signatures

Days Gone Sequel Petition 80K Signatures

Days Gone 2 has received growing support with an online petition that has now garnered over 80,000 signatures. Recently a former director was quoted at saying gamers should buy a game at full price if they want to support it. He went on to say that people should not be surprised when a game doesn’t get a sequel if everyone is playing it for through subscription models like PS+ and XBOX Game Pass. At this point the Days Gone PC version has yet to launch, and that will potentially play a key role in the future of this franchise. The increase in fandom and player base for Days Gone after it landed FREE on PS+ is likely a driving cause behind the petition, but will it be enough?

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Play Video reported… “A couple of weeks back, a press report broke the news that Days Gone 2 wouldn’t be happening due to the original’s lengthy development and mixed reception, something Eurogamer had also heard. A team within Sony Bend is now apparently assisting Naughty Dog with a multiplayer project.”

“The news has mobilised some fans into taking action. Just two weeks ago, the organiser was delighted to have secured 102 signatures. Now, however, the petition has secured over 78,000 signatories and hopes to hit 150,000″

This might seem ambitious, but we all know the internet is capable of mobilizing behind something and throwing tons of support behind a cause they believe in. But the real question is, will a petition with hundreds of thousands of signatures even matter in the end?

No Half Measures

This is certainly well timed after a recent interview on a live stream had one of the Days Gone directors urging fans of any game to buy it at full price if they want to support it. Even though he used colorful language and many pulled some of his comments out of context, his input is helpful here.

Just a bunch of names signed on a petition is not as convincing as the Days Gone launch title receiving a bunch of purchases right now. Sadly the petition is very basic and states only, “There’s millions of people who want Sony PlayStation to approve Days Gone 2. And I want all the fans to sign this petition. They can’t just pull the plug on such an amazing game that ended with a cliff hanger.”

If people signing the petition really want Days Gone 2 to happen, the best thing to do would be to buy the game right now if they have not done so already. Sony would obviously look at the rise in purchases and weigh that along the petition, especially considering how the game is available on PS+ right now.

The PC Port

Reported by “YouTuber ElAnalistaDeBits compared the PC footage to PS5 gameplay and they’re not that far apart. The PC version of Days Gone looks marginally better, with notable lighting and texture upgrades, particularly on character models. It’s not clear if the Days Gone footage is running on the absolute highest possible settings, but one has to imagine that it is if Sony is using it for promotional material. Nonetheless, it’s impressive to see how close the two versions are, even when running on considerably different tech.”

This is obviously encouraging news for PS5 owners, given the similarities between a first party title on the new console and a PC. And it also could be good news for a potential sequel. If they kept the game close to visual performance of the PS5, it’s also possible that the port will run smooth and now have the issues that plagued Horizon Zero Dawn during it’s port.

Time will tell whether the petition, any increase in sales, and the PC port of Days Gone will be enough to turn the tide for a potential sequel. For now, support the game and sequel efforts if you’d like to see it happen.

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