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Devastator is Weak and Getting Kicked

Devastator is Weak and Getting Kicked

Outriders classes have been combed over since the launch as players look for the strongest and fastest DPS builds. One of the main reasons this is the motivation for the player base is because Expeditions reward the players based on speed of completion. Regardless of how players want to approach the game, the actual reward incentives motivate the fastest and most efficient builds. The Devastator has been singled out as the only class to not have an inherent ability to buff ammo, which is a huge source of DPS in the end game. Even rough Technomancer or Trickster builds are able to output very high levels of damage before even doing any min maxing while the Devastator is practically required to grind and build just to keep up. So what’s the solution?

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Getting Kicked?

Last week we had a lively debate about whether or not players had a right to kick others after matching with them through public matchmaking if they had determined that playing with a Devastator was outside of their preference.

The reason this debate even started was very simple: Devastators were getting kicked with a high level of consistency when attempting to matchmake into high Challenge Tier Expeditions because the community had discovered a pretty large difference in the average DPS totals of the Devastator versus the other classes.

Obviously this does not mean that Devastators are so bad that they can’t help or hold their own, but the main focus of late game Outriders Expeditions is to not just beat the content, but do it under a certain amount of time to ensure the maximum rewards. And obviously the faster you go, the more you can slam out in a single play session.

What's the problem?

The main problem, as enumerated by virtually anyone in the community who has looked at this, is that the Devastator is literally the only class without a built in ability to buff ammo damage. Technomancer, Trickster, and Pryomancer all have their own respective “rounds”: Twisted, Blighted, and Volcanic.

There are other factors at play as well, and People Can Fly has attempted to curb some of it down with limiting how easy it is to have infinite bullet abilities on the classes who get them out of the box. Many are reporting that these changes have not changed much, and I recently played with a community member who hadn’t even min/maxed yet.

Even if a Devastator takes the time to build the absolute strongest build available, with the best gear and stats, the class will never have a bullet ability baked into its core, which will inevitably always leave it “behind” in a sense. Many point to being a tank, or drawing aggro, but neither of those seem to land on the Expedition design or speed goals.

My Experience

I had a pretty fun build where all of my defensive abilities were giving me damage buffs on my weapons, and it was honestly very fun. And then I hit CT9. It became very apparent that even a build that centered around protecting and buffing myself was not going to cut it without the high tier stats or guns.

Then I reworked my entire class to center around two earthquakes and two impales, and lots of buffs and healing from bleed damage on enemies, and my entire experience changed. We jumped into CT10 and I truly felt strong and almost unstoppable, as long as I used my abilities way more than my weapons.

After all this work, we got to end game stats screen and it was painfully obvious just how little it mattered. We had a very strong Devastator in our group putting up insane stats, but he also had put a lot of time into his build and gear. Prior to this I played with someone who had slapped together a Techno build, and he was doing the same if not more DPS than the well crafted Dev build. This is where the problem cannot simply be dismissed because a Dev “can” have strong builds. He is, at the core, weaker.

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