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Fall Guys – Just a Fad?

Fall Guys – Just a Fad?

Fall Guys released in early 2020 to immediate praise and incredibly massive support both from streamers and gamers alike. It quickly became one of the most watched and played games for a season. As they’ve evolved the game, added new modes, made changes, and launched seasons, it has settled into a reliable player pool, but not quite what it was at launch. With Season 4 and a new Squads Mode, they aim to bring back the party and the “play with friends” aspect, but will it keep the game relevant?

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The Streamer Blessing

Streamers have become an anomalous force within the gaming world. Seemingly out of nowhere, an industry wasn’t just born, but massive influence over some games has become almost assumed by some in the gaming community.

The massive amount of money that Apex Legends spent for its launch week was, as far as I can tell, money well spent. It, in many ways, successfully launched their title with very little marketing, and almost solely sponsored streaming

Then look at the sudden surge of Among Us, to the point the developers cancelled their planned sequel to invest in the vanilla title. It’s difficult to ignore the streamer influence over a game like Fall Guys. Tim the Tatman was astronomical viewership on his way to his first win. But this blessing comes with the cliff of boredom and waning relevancy that drives all focus quickly to other titles and games.

From Fun to Frivolous

The true challenge for a game like Fall Guys is keeping things fresh. Sure, it’s fun for a few hours and you laugh with your friends, but eventually you just want to win to expedite unlocks and because the fun factor wears off after a batch of quick or painful losses.

Just the other night we tried a game called Can’t Drive This, and after a few hours, you feel like you’ve basically seen and experienced enough for a while. Bored on a Friday night? Crack some beers and play. But play every day? Spend money in a micro store? Probably not.

Seasonal models seem to help games like Fall Guys bring players back into the fold with a brand new battle pass, shiny skins, and new game modes. More than anything, you have to give players a sense of “gotta play on a regular basis” urgency, or it will fade to the sidelines of their attention. This is where Season 4 aims to shake things up.

Season 4 Shake Up

The most notable announcement about Season 4 is the new Squads Mode, which enables a squad of players to both win and lose together. We’ve all been there, an early elimination makes it tough for those who continue playing as well as those who can’t.

Fortnite did a similar move when they borrowed the reboot card idea from Apex Legends. Honestly, one of the primary reasons we drifted from playing Fall Guys for Fight Nights was because if I got early elim’d or someone else did, it sort of record scratches the fun playful vibe of the entire game.

Mediatonic’s acquisition by Epic brought this response… “Your gameplay isn’t changing and neither is our mission to bring Fall Guys to as many players as possible,” says Mediatonic in a press release. “Each season, we’ll continue to expand the game with new content, features, rounds, and costumes.”

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