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Halo Infinite Doomed to Fail?

Halo Infinite Doomed to Fail?

Halo Infinite debuted a gameplay trailer during the XBOX Showcase on July 23rd 2020. It was immediately met with criticism and concern from both long time fans as well as gamers, commentators, and video game news outlets. Early August, a mere weeks later, the game was announced to be delayed until 2021. While a variety of reasons were sited, 343 gave assurances they were committed to the game and delivering on their vision for Halo Infinite. Recently more news came out about the title that cause celebration for some, and a growing concern from me.

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Loss Before Gains

The news that dual-wielding would not be in Halo Infinite came as a shock to many fans of the series. The commentary on it is the start of my concern about not just the vision for the game, but where the ambition and vision is focused.

“Whenever you set out to make a game with the size of Halo Infinite, there’s so many things you can do. I think we have a very talented team where we can do anything but we can’t do everything,” DelHoyo said.

When Halo 5 announced it would no longer offer split-screen, many decried it as a huge loss for the game, while others defended the decision from the power of the console at that time. Given that Halo Infinite is meant to be a flagship title for the XBOX Series X, it’s worrisome that dual wielding is seemingly too much for them to do. This might seem minor until you look deeper.

Weather You Wanted It or Not

Dynamic weather is a new buzzword these days, and seems to be a driving interest for developers. But is it something gamers are asking for in a title like Halo Infinite? Even the weather on Europa for Destiny 2 eventually becomes more of a nuisance than a praised feature. And, some of the weather features won’t even be ready at launch…

“Among other things, the studio revealed that Infinite has a dynamic weather system, which will feature wind and fog systems when the game is launched. Storms and snowstorms might be added after release. There‚Äôs also a day-night cycle, which will change how enemies act towards you.”

This is when I start to grow very concerned for this title. After all the criticism of the Halo Infinite gameplay, we are now focusing on wind, fog, and storms? And a day-night cycle? How are these both front burner features and why are they deserving of praise and an announcement? Feels like we are throwing a party for window dressing that won’t even be ready at launch.

A familiar story

I can’t help but think about a game that has become both infamous for lacking features, and famous for its dedication and resurrection: No Man’s Sky. From the very beginning, they focused on features and ideas that weren’t even ready at launch, and it murdered the reception of the game.

For Halo Infinite to pull things out of the game like Dual Wielding because they “can’t do everything” while focusing on what ultimately sounds like mediocre frills of weather, wind, and fog, it starts to strain my trust and hope for the title.

After such a poor showing to the world, which resulted in an embarrassing delay and the lack of a flag ship title for the XBOX Series X, there is a lot on the shoulders of our beloved Master Chief. I’m worried that even he can’t carry another bad launch, and neither will a few cool weather effects.

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