Halo Infinite Multiplayer Has Massive Potential

Halo Infinite is finally in a position where the gameplay, potential, and launch date all look more promising than before. I was of the opinion that Halo Infinite was looking to be in a worrying position when developer blogs mentioned day-night cycles and how the Grapplejack was a challenge to develop for traversal. For me and many others, the multiplayer trailer was a turning point in confidence in the game. First and foremost, the trailer seemed to set it sights on landing square in the middle of satisfying long standing Halo fans as well as potential new fans. Secondly, the Mutliplayer Overview video made it very clear that 343 was going to treat the multiplayer in Halo Infinite as a serious investment and something they believed in. This to me was a big sign considering they did not focus on the story, graphics, or game improvements.