Horizon Forbidden West 30 FPS Drama

Soon after the Horizon Forbidden West gameplay reveal during the Sony State of Play viewers began to break down every square inch of the footage. Most of us celebrated the new abilities, enemies, biomes, swimming, and the amazing battle at the end. Upon further inspection, however, the realization that I was mistaken about the footage being 60FPS was worrying for a variety of reasons. Understandably and as should be expected in the gaming community, the debate began to center around whether or not 30FPS was acceptable, or if players could notice the difference, or if it really mattered in the grand scheme, or if the whole thing was being blown out of proportion by “entitled picky gamers”. Ultimately I landed on this from a variety of perspectives. First as a gaming industry commentator who’s interviewed big developers on the main stage at E3, and second, as just another gamer who celebrated the new consoles and quickly bought them as soon as I was able to snag them.