New World XP Boosts Controversy

Reported by GameRant… Amazon Game Studios has been working on an upcoming massively multiplayer online RPG that will send players into an island filled with opportunities for players to choose from, leading them into different scenarios and stories. New World will be launching into Closed Beta on July 20, 2021, so those that pre-ordered the game will have access to the Closed Beta Test. The central premise for New World is that players will be shipwrecked onto Aeternum with no supplies or allies. Players will be able to choose factions and fight off monstrous creatures and engage in expeditions, as well as game modes that pit a team of 20 players against another team for the control of a specific outpost.

Unfortunately, after a newly released gameplay trailer ahead of its launch into closed beta, Studio Director Rich Lawrence confirmed that XP Boosters would make their way into the game as a method of progressing players that don’t have as much time, or at least, that’s the explanation that was offered in the Twitter post.