No Man’s Sky Expedition 2 Is Too Short

If you haven’t checked it out yet, the No Man’s Sky Expeditions update is now in it second season, entitled Beachhead. About a month and a half ago Hello Games pushed out the No Man’s Sky Expeditions update and gave players roughly six weeks to achieve 5 phases of seasonal content that mimicked much of the structure found in seasonal chapters from Diablo 3. When a plater completes a milestone they get a bunch of rewards to expedite their quickened pace experience in the No Man’s Sky universe, and when all milestones in a Phase are complete you get even more rewards. This seemed like a great way to allow loyal and familiar players to jump in and experience a faster and more objective focused version of No Man’s Sky with their eye on the prize of a new ship and jetpack at the end of the season which could be given to a normal save character or converted into a normal save. With Season 2 under way, I was shocked to see it trimmed down to only 2 weeks, with many of the phases and objectives completable at a breakneck speed. Let’s examine why this isn’t ideal.