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No More Destiny Coverage

No More Destiny Coverage

It pains me to write this and make this decision, but ultimately, like so many things over the past 8 months, I’m releasing what I can’t control and controlling what I can. SNTR Presents was born out of a passion for discussion, debate, and Q&A sessions with a live audience. More and more as I discussed future plans for my content and various channels, it started to feel like SNTR Presents needed to become a gaming podcast instead of a purely Destiny podcast. But I need to flesh out exactly why I’m doing this and what the plan going forward is.

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What's the point?

Ultimately I had to ask this question last night, once the dust settled, and I could truly focus my thoughts. Why bother? Why go through convoluted back flips and strain my already full schedule to cover a game that I can’t even play?

I love Destiny, and have played since the Day 1 Beta, but ultimately it’s clear what the company allows both publicly by their Community Managers and privately by whomever banned my account that I can’t continue to center my content around a game and company like this.

In the event the ban was temporary or a mistake, I’ll consider how I want to proceed. And given that Destiny will be an on going game in the industry, it will certainly be discussed on the channel from time to time, but it won’t be the main source of what we are doing.

Bigger than Destiny

At the end of the day, YouTube and the digital entertainment world is much larger than Destiny. The truth is, as my producer and I analyzed it, the growth of the channel somewhat plateaued and hit a sort of ceiling with Destiny.

It is clear that when I cover other games, with a sizable and supportive audience, the YouTube reach and support is there. We can continue with an amazing product, SNTR Presents, and expand it beyond a single game.

As much as I love the press release concerning Bungie’s future and the Destiny Universe, there are countless other topics that I get just as passionate about, and chat can attest to how long we debate various non-Destiny topics. This was what much of the SNTR Network was born out of.

What's the plan?

At the end of the day, I realized, most folks tune in during the morning no matter how hype or active Destiny is at the current moment. The core audience is really there for SNTR Presents and the community interaction. That is continuing, and the format isn’t really changing.

Obviously, the best approach here is to cover games, gaming news, and relevant gaming topics. This will allow us to branch out into new communities, meet new people, and offer the same great space and content structure we all love.

We can also continue to foster a better value for the paying members and truly take on the live radio podcast vibe. Call-ins might happen on the fly, so it’s more convenient for VIPs. Q&A and polls could be more fluid and ongoing. In a way, we’ve been set free, yet again, to do something bigger, and I’m honestly more excited than scared.

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