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Outriders Demo – Why I’m Done

Outriders Demo – Why I’m Done

The Outriders demo went live on February 25th and was met with mostly positive feedback from the community. People Can Fly quickly addressed a Legendary farm that was getting a bit out of hand while also ensuring Legendary Weapons were still farmable in the right places. After almost an entire month, the Outriders twitter outlined the stats for the demo and also announced that Outriders game pass on Xbox will be a thing.

How did it go?

The stats for the Outriders demo alone are impressive, but without really breaking down what they mean for player behavior it’s tough to know what that means in the bigger picture. This game isn’t meant to be a live service game, but these stats are promising for their plans on expansion post launch.

2 million players in one week and the 4 hours and 20 minute average play time are the two most important stats out of the bunch. It’s fun to see total damage and that there was 31.8 million total captain kills, but honestly the raw stats on total players and average play time are very impressive and promising.

This means that out of the millions of players that checked out the demo, the average player experience likely consumed the entire demo multiple times which means it is very probable the average player experience was with multiple characters. Games like this are notorious for early drop off, so Outriders should be very pleased with these results.

The Game Pass Blessing

It was also recently announced that Outriders will be coming to XBOX Game Pass on Day 1 of their launch. This is huge news for any title given the reach and saturation of the Game Pass market. In January some very impressive stats were announced for XBOX Game Pass subscriber count.

“Microsoft has announced a new total of 18 million monthly subscribers to Xbox Game Pass. It means Microsoft’s subscription service has grown by a net total of three million users, up from the 15 million last mentioned in September 2020″

This sort of growth trajectory isn’t just promising for Microsoft and Game Pass Holders, but for any game that hits that carousel. The exposure, on the heels of a very successful demo, will likely setup Outriders to be one of the most popular games of this year.

Why I Stopped Playing

The main reason I stopped playing was simple: I was satisfied. Trying all 4 characters, multiple builds, and even doing two entire streams dedicated to the legendary farm left me feeling satisfied and hopeful for the official launch.

I also did not want to do the cliche streamer move and wring a game out like a rag and then hit a burnout feeling before the actual release date even happened. Props to those who spent hours farming and managed to snag all the legendaries and have stockpiles of currency.

There was also some good ‘ol fashioned honesty from People Can Fly about how too much grinding and prep during the demo could affect how the full game is experienced. I want the complete product to land on me as it was intended and not inadvertently short circuit or short change natural grind paths.

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