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Outriders Endgame Info

Outriders Endgame Info

Even though Outriders has advertised itself as not having any “live service features” they are making it very clear that the complete package and product of a game with a campaign is not the end of the experience. They have outlined, in detail, what the post-campaign experience will look like, and for those looking to expand beyond the base game narrative, it looks promising. The first promise they make is that there will be new areas to explore and the post-campaign experience does not use any recycled content from the main campaign.

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Expeditions are described as follows, “Big, handcrafted new levels with their own mechanics, challenges, and storyline.” And they are not just missions to play, but to master, because the more efficiently you run the missions the better the rewards. They say they aren’t just tough, they are brutal.

They make an important note about the loot experience of Expeditions, differentiating them from the main game… Loot will no longer drop from enemies, it will only drop at the end of the Expedition, “if you manage to complete it.”

There are 13 total expeditions that unlock from advancing in challenge tiers of difficulty, so progression and strategy will be required to advance. Once all 13 of them are unlocked you gain access to the “Eye of the Storm”. Your character and gear caps at 30 in the main game, while Expeditions can drop loot up to level 50.

Modding and Crafting

According to the devs, mods and crafting are essential and all but required for Expeditions. First, mods are described as, “Passive skills that can significantly alter the way your weapons, armor or abilities work.” Some of the abilities placed on guns are not even tied to your class like slow or bleed, for example.

There are also skill mods used on armor to enhance, change, or augment your class abilities. Mods are acquired by breaking down gear that holds them, and then once acquired can be mixed and match however you want. Even legendary weapons can be broken down for their mods to enhance a different legendary (ice & lightning).

Crafting is not going to allow you to just create a gun from scratch, but you can take an existing weapon, upgrade its rarity, change its variant which is fire rate and behavior, as an archetype, and then lastly you can just level up the gun to stay with your current level.

A contained end game

The intriguing thing about the structure of this end game is that it is clearly contained and placed into its own container beyond the main game and campaign. It is also meaningful with grinds that serve to advance not just in progress, but in power.

You can already see from this post-campaign setup how they might expand the game in the future. New expeditions with tiers of challenges, mechanics, and an ultimate destination that unlocks once all Expeditions have been completed.

The strategy with this game is admirable as they are waiting a year before adding to the game. This will enable them to properly analyze depth, substance, and needed breadth in order to make future content last and be enjoyed across the spectrum of players.

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