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Outriders Expanding Like Diablo

Outriders Expanding Like Diablo

Outriders launched with many cautions against looking for a game with live-service features or on-going content. Even with all those prefaces given to the public, People Can Fly made it clear they wanted to expand the game eventually, indicating it was an important game to themselves and Square Enix. While the future of the game is still unknown given a somewhat rocky launch and their commentary hinting that commercial success would be contingency of the game expanding in the future, they did indicate in an interview about expanding the game just how much Diablo played a roll in the inspiration of their game.

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Not Abandoned

As reported by Forbes, “We never said that we would abandon the game,” Creative Director Bartek Kmita told the publication. “This isn’t a games-as-a-service, but if people like it, we will definitely be doing more things in the Outriders universe. We have so many more stories to tell, and a lot of ideas we want to explore that we couldn’t fit in the original game, so we’re happy to create more content in the future. Anything we would make would be in the form of significant expansions with self-contained stories.”

It’s interesting that they aren’t just hopeful about expanding the game, but that they have a strong desire to do so with “significant expansions” and “self-contained stories”. This could come in a variety of ways, but given other commentary it could heavily lead toward a Diablo model.

Diablo Inspired

As reported by TechRadar, “But while comparisons have been drawn between Outriders and looter shooters such as Destiny, the game is largely inspired by the Diablo series, according to People Can Fly. This inspiration is something that we may see shape Outriders’ future content and could set it apart from contemporaries like Destiny 2, with expansions adding new stories and areas rather than the title being regularly updated.”

“For inspiration, everything started with Diablo, which we still regard as best in class,” Kmita said. “We wanted to use Diablo as reference, not really other games from our genre.”

The commentary about Diablo being both best in class and used as a reference instead of other games in their genre is extremely promising for the future of the franchise. So many other games within the looter shooter genre have tried, struggled, and some have even ultimately failed (eg: Anthem).

Expeditions as Expansions

The way Outriders concludes its story with the actual drop pods being both the conclusion of the story but also the catalyst to the endgame loop of Expeditions is a glimpse into how they could expand this game while providing a healthy content loop.

When you look at the way that Diablo 3 created a healthy seasonal content loop with Rifts, you can quickly see how Expeditions could very likely be the building blocks of a Diablo style endgame for Outriders in future expansions.

If People Can Fly could figure out how to create Expeditions that randomize the way Rifts do in Diablo, with mobs, mini bosses, and bosses, they would be set on a path that so many looter shooters have dreamed to be on. Even Destiny, one of the kings of on going looter shooters, struggles with maintaining seasonal content substance and depth. This could set Outriders apart in the long term.

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