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Outriders Expedition Timers

Outriders Expedition Timers

Outriders post-campaign content was a huge focus prior to the game launching. With no planned live service features, many were looking to the endgame loop for the bulk of their gameplay and value. People Can Fly made a handful of decisions about the structure of Expeditions that many praised, most notably, not getting any rewards until the end, to prevent folks from only farming early bosses and checkpoints. The timer being related to the quantity and quality of drops, however, has become a focus of criticism due to the nature of the Outriders classes and power structure within the game. If all that matters is DPS and time completion, many builds and even one class are being seen as unhelpful or even cumbersome and antithetical to the endgame itself.

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Games like Outriders run on an engine of matchmaking to ensure that players can always jump into content and have other players to run with. Anthem had to quickly address issues with players glitching, exploiting, or simply backing out due to how dramatically this can hurt matchmaking.

It’s no secret that Outriders has a class balancing issue, even after a handful of nerfs during the second week after launch. Before and after these changes Devastators continue to struggle with getting kicked from groups, finding the right legendaries or very specific builds just to keep up with DPS totals.

The timer during Expeditions is no doubt playing the biggest role here. Everyone wants loot, and getting more loot in relation to how fast you run an Expedition is driving players to be rigid and likely pretty demanding at the upper levels of difficulty in Challenge Tiers.

Build Diversity

The other piece of collateral damage when everyone is focusing on just DPS and speed is the diversity within the available builds of each respective class. Piles of legendaries quickly become mere symbols in an equation only to be calculated, crunched, and cast aside.

One of the elements of Outriders that many players took notice off when early trailers and menus were shown was the large and expansive skill trees. There’s nothing worse than playing a game with a huge skill tree that slowly invalidates large portions of itself.

Obviously People Can Fly can make dramatic changes in the future with DLC or seasonal content, completely changing the way certain classes are built and what kind of loot and min maxing is needed. But as it stands right now, significant portions of class skill trees and one entire class are out in the cold in the end game.

Power Fantasy

Something that so many games fall victim to is predictable clich├ęs within their own power fantasy. Destiny is notoriously guilty of this, with every new swatch of weapons falling into similar categories and powerful perks that only matter if they buff damage or reload.

Division 1 did this when it’s end game first unveiled itself to be nothing more than health and damage checks, completely invalidating all the cool tech and abilities you spent unlocking during the campaign. Outriders is sadly falling into a similar trap with bullet abilities running the show in virtually every corner of the game.

Abilities that freeze, stun, knockback, bleed, slow, shock and more… all become somewhat irrelevant when you can maintain almost constant bullet damage buffing uptime, ripping enemies large and small into ribbons. The power fantasy of the Devastator quickly goes from exciting and explosive to frustrating and flimsy. Even the good classes find their build choices flattened and funneled toward bullet abilities.

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