Outriders – I Told You So

PC Gamer recently reported that “More Outriders games are likely thanks to 3.5 million players milestone” and that “Square Enix reckons it’s the ‘company’s next major franchise’.” They went on to say in their article that “Outriders attracted 3.5 million unique players in April, and according to Square Enix the series is “on track to become the company’s next major franchise.” In other words, the possibility of an Outriders 2 seems high, not to mention updates to the existing game.” Now obviously one cannot ignore the other facts that went into the large player counts and PC Gamer is quick to point out, “That number is impressive, but it has no bearing on sales figures: Outriders was an Xbox Game Pass launch title on Xbox consoles, so I’d hazard a guess that a lot of players are coming from there. Meanwhile, there’s a substantial free demo on all platforms, though it’s unclear whether this figure includes those players.” My biggest issue with all of this is the complete lack of quality, slowness in true fixes, and the massive player drops. Let’s break down why I’m saying “I told you so”.