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Outriders Inventory Problems

Outriders Inventory Problems

The Outriders demo is coming to a close and the official launch is around the corner. One of the biggest and most worrying problems during the demo has been a glitch that can wipe a players inventory. Obviously in a game about chasing and getting loot this is a worse case scenario potential problem. People Can Fly believes they have narrowed down the issue and has asked players to submit reports if it has happened since their update. They are also looking into Outriders Accolades getting wiped, and this close to launch, it is right to be concerned.

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What did they Say?

“We believe we have identified and now prevented the Inventory Wipe/Items Disappearing issue from occurring in the Outriders Demo. We actually published the fix for this issue on Monday, but have been using the days since then to verify whether our resolution has been successful in order to not make any false promises. Today’s patch has added an extra safeguard against this issue occurring in future based on our findings.”

Obviously this is a nasty bug that took some time for them to narrow down, and was likely a front burner issue for People Can Fly given the games launch is right around the corner. While it may be frustrating for those affected, the demo has done everyone a great service.

They also asked to report if you were affect on these days after the patch: Tuesday, March 16th Wednesday, March 17th Thursday, March 18th Today or any day after today (Friday, March 19th)

What about Restoration

“While we are still working on the exact technicalities, below are our intentions for item restorations: Restoration should take place on a specific day and should be a one-time event The exact date is TBC but we’re hoping for this to occur prior to the launch of Outriders on April 1”

It is honestly impressive that this is even a possibility and is being looked at. I would just assume that this would be a “bank error, sorry about your luck” sort of situation. Honestly, I am sort of blown away that they even have the tech and capability to do this.

The hope would be that this level of tech and restoration is not something we need to fall back on ever again, but it is at least comforting to know they are able and willing to make it a top priority, during a demo no less.

What about Accolades?

“This appears to be a separate issue and we do still need to uncover the full extent of it in order to better tailor our resolution for it.” A part of me has a growing concern that baked into this games crust is a “oops that stuff is gone” bug that might start cropping up in more places.

Obviously I’ve never been one to chase accolades, titles, badges, or that sort of thing, but many players do. And if this “wipe” problem is hitting inventories and accolades, what else could it hit? Leveling, progression, skill trees, challenge tiers that have been beaten?

With the Outriders launch right around the corner, it is both good and slightly worrying that these problems are arising. It is good that People Can Fly was confident enough to do a demo so stuff like this could get caught, but it is also a bit worrying given these aren’t minor bugs, but player experience damaging instances.

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