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Outriders Inventory Wipe Bug

Outriders Inventory Wipe Bug

During the Outriders demo a pesky loot wiping bug emerged near the end of the demo. People Can Fly quickly made efforts to both patch the bug and restore the wiped inventories of players who spent time farming and grinding. Now, a little over a week after the week’s launch the bug has reemerged and players are understandably very frustrated. Outriders as a game has a host of problems with lag, crashes, and a host of other rough edges within the game’s performance, so this is just gas on a fire for many players. I myself have felt that the game makes it hard for me to enjoy it as the Expeditions grind is enjoyable but just getting into a game with friends and dealing with the loading screens, lags, and player drops makes it harder and harder to come back to this game.

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What have they said?

“Earlier today we applied additional preventative measures on to our servers to guard against any Inventory Wipes. These are reducing the occurrence of this issue, but we are continuing to lock in additional countermeasures.”

“A potential prevention method to safeguard yourself if you run into this issue: – The moment you notice that your gear has disappeared, immediately force close the game, then reboot it.”

“Should you have encountered an inventory wipe after 9am UTC / 5am EDT / 2am PDT, please report it on either of these threads:” links were then provided.

“As a reminder, we are still aiming to restore certain lost gear for anyone affected – full details here:” link was provided.

Hard to play

More and more I’m finding myself torn with Outriders. As soon as I sunk my teeth into the modding, crafting, and building a stronger loadout and went through all the monster hunts, man hunts, and now Expeditions, the more I want to play the game.

But at every turn the game makes it difficult for me to enjoy it. Constantly having those who join me disconnect and crash, which leads my loading screens to sit for long periods of time, is making me feel like I could make more progress by playing by myself.

Ultimately, since the launch of Outriders I have felt like I’m trying to wrestle the game to the ground just to enjoy a solid play session. The risk of inventory wipe is obviously a far greater problem, and that’s the big issue here, it’s not the only problem, it’s just the biggest and most elusive one in the room.

Where do we go from here?

Contrary to all reason and logic, this game continues to garner very strong engagement. Most games, with the amount of bugs, glitches, crashes, and issues, would not survive. It’s possible that the current gaming drought is playing a huge issue, or the central content loop I’m finding myself enjoying is good enough for folks to grin and bear it.

As of Sunday afternoon, April 11, the steam charts were still very impressive. (91,935 playing 35 min ago | 99,733 24-hour peak | 125,123 all-time peak) To be within 25K of the all time peak for the 24 hour peak, and to have over 90K playing just through steam alone, is a good sign for this game.

Ultimately, I want the game to succeed and have well built expansions or future content, whatever the format, and that is all in jeopardy if the honey moon period for the game is riddled with problems, some as big as folks losing their entire inventory. Let’s hope People Can Fly can level out, or the strong numbers may not be enough long term.

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