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Outriders Nerfs Announced

Outriders Nerfs Announced

Outriders has only been out for a week and the first batch of class ability nerfs have been outlined. After just a few days many players and content creators were pointing out how strong certain ammo abilities were for all classes, specifically the Technomancer and the Trickster. It even got to the point that the Devastator was a trending topic on reddit due to so many folks getting kicked from late game matchmaking since it was singled out as the “slowest class”. Many are concerned that it is way too soon for nerfs and that buffs should be the response, while others see these as outlier problems in need of tuning before buffs happen. So which is it?

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What did they say?

Late in the demo lifecycle, we discovered a bug with regards to the bullet augmentation abilities damage calculation formula. While we fixed this bug, some unforeseen imbalances were unfortunately introduced, which has led to bullet-based abilities vastly outperforming other skills. The main problem with this is that such bullet-based builds require much less investment to make them “top tier”, compared to other builds.
To achieve this, we have made a couple of adjustments for the Trickster and Technomancer classes, who benefit the most from their bullet abilities power. It’s uncertain as to whether these changes will prove too strong or too weak, so please do consider this to be only the first step, as we will continue monitoring and adjusting them in the future. Just like you, we hope to see more inspiring and crazy combinations of Abilities and Mods!

How are they doing it?

The base cooldown of the Twisted Rounds skill has increased to 25 seconds (previously: 16 seconds)

The Trickster’s Hero Tree nodes: – Disruptive Firepower, Scion of Power, Outrider Executioner – have had their power reduced to 35% (Previously: 50%)

“Vulnerable” status – Power reduced to 15% (Previously: 25%)
The Technomancer Hero Tree node -“Damage Against Poison” – has had its power reduced to 15% (Previously: 30%)

The Pyromancer Hero Tree Node – “Trial of Ashes” – has been reduced 15% extra damage (Previously: 30%)

Not a new problem

This isn’t a new problem for games like Outriders and honestly, the sooner they address outlier abilities the quick they can buff weaker abilities or classes. Many claim that the Devastator is just fine in the late game with the right armor and builds, but the abilities that got nerfed required almost none of that effort.

The hope would be that this opens up room within the power structure of the game to give room for the Devastator or other weaker abilities to get some love from a few buffs. It would worse to over tune or buff something too quickly only to have to walk it back in a follow up patch.

Also consider how quickly People Can Fly responded to the Legendary drop nerf during the demo and readjusted them dropping from a chest after a Captain. If this changes are too extreme or hurt the classes too much, they will make more adjustments. This is why they are likely waiting to do a buff pass on some of the other things in the game.

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