Overwatch 2 Backlash

Reported by GameInformer… the sequel is dropping the standard PVP count from 6V6 to 5V5. This means that instead of running the classic 2-2-2 team composition, teams will be forced to spawn into matches with one tank, two damage heroes, and two supports. This also means that you might have to juggle your party rotations since one person will always be unable to queue in with your team. Consequently, the 5V5 decision is getting a lot of pushback from the Overwatch player base.

According to Esports website Inven Global, fans have drafted a petition on Change.org to sway Blizzard into reverting the big PVP count change. Peter Levy, the Overwatch player that started the position, wrote, “Overwatch has its fair share of issues. Queue times and shield metas have been long-standing problems in Overwatch game design. But switching to 5v5 has no guarantee of fixing these issues, and it will cause harm to the Overwatch community.”