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PS5 Anti Cheat You Don’t Want It

PS5 Anti Cheat You Don’t Want It

It was recently announced that Denuvo AntiCheat technology will join the PS5 Tools and Middleware program to help put a stop to gamers looking to use cheats on the newly launched and incredibly hard to obtain console. While this has been made available to the PS4 and other consoles in the past, it rarely shows up on console games as the both cheating and DRM protection against piracy are practically non issues on consoles historically. Many gamers criticize programs like Denuvo for causing performance issues in games and DRM is a frustration point for gamers if a game is no longer supported or if internet services are down.

Keep It Simple Sony

In the past few months I have found myself leaning toward getting games for both my PS5 and XBOX Series X for one simple reason: simplicity. As a streamer I admit there are unique challenges to game capture, and consoles has historically given me the least bit of trouble.

I also enjoy games just doing what they do best: working. Most of the time PC games do exactly what I need them to, but from a consumer perspective, there is something trusty and reliable about a console. There’s a familiar comfort there for me and many other consumers.

If bloatware or 3rd party programs start coming baked into the platforms or the games that I buy, it will bring the very thing to consoles that PC gamers despise: instability. How often does a Windows Update cause issues? Or drivers need to be updated, rolled back, or a config file tweaked. Keep my console gaming simple, please.

Solving a Phantom

While many have said this announcement is not a cause of concern, it still makes me wonder… What’s the point? What problem are they hoping to solve on the PS5 platform? Cheating and piracy are virtually non existent on consoles, so why is this even being made an issue?

Many might say that this may assist with DDOS’ing which is a problem that plagues peer to peer games. Denuvo is known for two things, that I know of… piracy prevention and anti cheat. Neither of those are traditionally used for DDOS protection (a growing need for the Destiny console community)

This makes me question if something else is going on. “Denuvo said as part of the announcement that a number of PS5 launch games already made use of its Anti-Cheat, though it didn’t specify which ones.” So for those that say it isn’t being used… it is.

Some Good News

The good news is that Denuvo’s announcement only specifies anti-cheat, and not DRM. The DRM is what gets the most criticism and is commonly the source of performance issues in games that carry it.

One such report said “Denuvo causes performance issues in nearly every tested game. From longer load times to frame rate drops, Denuvo’s protection appears to slow things down. Performance sometimes improves by 50% after Denuvo is removed by the developer.”

Given the history it is understandable why many were immediately concerned about their extremely sought after PS5’s performance since that is one of the main causes for buying the console. We hope that the anti cheat is effective, if it is even needed, and that the DRM or performance issues stay far away.

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