Resident Evil 8 Is Not Scary

Resident Evil Village is out and now non-early access press reviews are pouring in. By and large the release is receiving due praise for its commitment to the franchise and similarity in tone to one of the all time favorites, Resident Evil 4. For me, however, Resident Evil 7 was my introduction into the franchise, with the exception of watching my brother play through the originals. I was never that interested in the Resident Evil games, and think it is worth pointing out that Resident Evil 4 released in 2005. Sixteen years ago gameplay was more limited in what was possible, and much of the approach to the game at the time is indicative of what a top notch game could achieve. One of the main reasons I never wanted to play a Resident Evil game was due to the clunky controls and that I just wasn’t interested in a “horror game”. I was obviously surprised when I learned that that Resident Evil 7 is considered the scariest in the franchise which definitely shaped and formed some of my expectations going into Resident Evil Village. Let’s talk about why the game isn’t scary, why that’s okay, and how new fans should approach this entry if they want to maximize their enjoyment.