Returnal – Why I’m Done

If you’re unfamiliar, a rogue-lite or rogue-like game is one where death comes with strong consequences. In some games, it merely means a harsh reset while much of what you’ve earned stays with you, and in others, it’s an honest to goodness “go back and start over”. The game genre dynamic has both fans and haters given the punishing nature and how it harkens back to a time where old games got their longevity out from punishing you in brutal ways, creating replay value purely from punishment. As someone who typically finds myself quickly walking away from any rogue style game, Returnal got its hooks in me from very early one. And then, it seemed at least to me, to slowly betray what I found so enjoyable about the first 2 biomes, and I want to examine why I’m putting the game down. Many will dismiss this video or commentary because I “don’t like rogues”, but much of this comes from a place of enjoyment that evaporated, rather than knowing after just one sitting that it “wasn’t the game for me”.