Unreal Engine 5 Super Resolution

PC Gamer reported… One of the headline features arriving with Unreal Engine 5, which is available to demo today, is the impressive-sounding Temporal Super Resolution, which Epic says will help make possible the high-end graphics we’re seeing in tech demos (mostly rocks, so far, but nice-looking rocks).

In brief, Temporal Super Resolution is how our PCs will keep up with all the geometric detail now possible to place into a scene with UE5’s Nanite technology and its global illumination technology, Lumen, while maintaining decent framerates. It’s billed as an anti-aliasing technique, although much like Nvidia DLSS, there’s not much to discern that and what you might consider as an upscaling feature—they’re essentially two sides of the same coin.

“UE5’s new anti aliasing solution, temporal super resolution, keeps up with all this new geometric detail to create sharper, more stable images than before with quality approaching true native 4K at the cost of 1080p,” Epic says.